Now Jio will provide Internet, TV and Landline services at a price under 'Triple Play' plan

Reliance Jio wants to quickly make its space in broadband and DTH sectors and in return, customers are coming up with many exciting plans. GigaFiber FTiI (Fiber to the Home) service from Reliance Geo is starting within a few months. And now the information related to that plan has come. Gigafaibr will come in the market to take a number of plans, including 'triple play'. In Triple Play, DTH, broadband and landline service will be available on all three connections.


It is noteworthy that according to one report, Reliance Jio GigaFiber will provide broadband, landline and TV combo services for 600 rupees per month. The company has been testing Geo Gigafiber for a long time and is now believed to be rollout for commercial use soon.

Running Pilot Testing:
At this time, Reliance Geo is testing its gigaphiber pilot in New Delhi and Mumbai. During tasting, the company is providing 100 GB of data free of 100Mbps free speed for users. However, security deposit of Rs 4,500 for the router from the users is also being taken.

40 devices can be connected:
Geo Gigaphiber's service is being offered to some select users in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara recently. This service will be available across the country as well. Apart from a Rs 600 plan, the users can use an additional service of Rs 1,000 for paying the plan. With that, users can connect 40 devices to JioGebibeber's smart home network.

MS Office Shortcut Keys Mostly Used In Our Daily Life

Microsoft's Office Excel Shortcut Keys , Computer Shortcut keys PDF

Ctrl + C - copy Selected text to the clip board
Ctrl + Z - undo the last action
Ctrl + S - save the open Document
Ctrl + Y - redo the last action
Ctrl + B - Toggle the Bold Atribute
Ctrl + U - Toggel the underline atribute
Ctrl X - Cut chosen Text to the writing board
Ctrl + E - Aligns the or selected text to the Center of the screen
Ctrl + L - Aligns the or selected text to the Left of the screen
Ctrl + R - Aligns the or selected text to the Right of the screen
Ctrl + J - Aligns the or selected text to the justify of the screen
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + END Go to The End of the Document
Ctrl +DN - Arrow to paragraph down
Ctrl +UP - Arrow to paragraph Up
Ctrl + W Close The Currently open Document
Ctrl + F4 Close The window
Ctrl + T Creat A Hanging Indent
Ctrl + F12 Choose The Open Command
Ctrl + F6 Go to THE Next Window
Ctrl + F2 Choose The print preview command
Ctrl + Del Deletes Word Right Of Cursor
Ctrl + typewrite Deletes Word to left Of pointer
Ctrl + SHIFT + F - amendment the font
Ctrl + SHIFT + Spacebar - Creat a Non Breaking Space
Ctrl + SHIFT + < Decrease font size One purpose
Ctrl + HOME move to the beginning Of The Document
Ctrl + Left move to the word to the left
Ctrl + Right move to the word to the proper
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase font size one purpose
Ctrl + M Indent the paragraph
Ctrl + K Insert the Hyperlink
Ctrl + I Toggle the Italic ATTRIBUTE
Ctrl + F10 Maximize The Document window
SHIFT + F3 - amendment The case Of Letters
SHIFT + F12 Choose the save Command
Shift + F7 Choose the thesaurus Command
Shift + F2 Copy selected text
Shift + F10 Display A Shortcut Menu
Shift + F11 Go to the Previous Field
Shift + F6 Choose The Previous pane or frame
F1 Access online help Or The office assistance
F2 Move text Or Graphics
F3 Insert An Autotext Entry
F4 Repeat the last action
F5 choose the Go to Command
F6 Go To next pane or Frame
F7 Launch The Spelling and grammer Check
F8 Extent a Selection
F9 Update selected Fields
F10 Activate the menubar
F11 Go to The Next Field
F12 Choose the Save as Command
Alt + F3 Creat an auto Text Entry

My Jio launch a new Plans has no limit of internet Usage

My Jio launch a new Plans has no limit of internet Usage

My jio

Launch a new plan by jio .... All the companies will be flying .... Know about its plan ... .. Internet data will be available from the free exemption ....

Friends, nowadays the mobile seam company has made a lot of noise in the market. Today we all know that jio company has got access to very cheap internet. But another company has also made its net recharge packs affordable. If this is not done, then all the company's sales will be discontinued. That's why they also made their internet cheaper to sustain their dominance.

But a new plan has been launched by the friends jio company, which will give customers a cheaper internet yet. This pack is only launched to increase customer service. This will not threaten customers to lose data. Friends, let's know what new plan will come to market by jio.

Friends in India, jio is the first company to make us aware of the 4G speed. When this company came into the market there were a lot of net packs. But they were all plans for 2G and 3G Speed. At that time the net speed was very low. Because of which people fought very hard on net related problems. At that time people were far from the technology. But when the speed of the net by the jio company was increased and the 4G speed was made then people in the world have come very close to technology.

One of the two harassment of people by the jio company was understood that one of the low speed and more people's money. That is why by the jio company net speed and data base also increased day by day. The special thing is that the customer has been given the Net to the customer in a lesser and lesser price by jio. This gave rise to the convenience of customers and even less money. But there is still a plan against it. Know about it.

According to this plan, the customer will get 352 GB 4G speed data during 360 days, then the JIO will activate the 64 plan which will get you Unlimited. During that time you can limit the use of any video or internet, but also with full speed.

This plan will also improve in the 4G speed and consumers are not concerned about the network. It has also improved the 4G speed. Customers will not have to face loading too because of the speed at 64 kbps.

The plan will have an annual value. That is why customers often have to pay no money. Once the money is paid then there will be a recharge of money after one year. The cost of this plan has been kept for one year 4999 / -. Friends, this plan is very interesting and every company will be tweaked again by jio,

Have you Back pain Or Neck pain ? Relief through massage therapy

Have you Back pain Or Neck pain ? Relief through massage therapy

accupressure pads

Acupressure Pads Keeps Body Energetic
Advantages Of Acupressure & Magnet Therapy
  • Acupressure and magnet therapy is an ancient therapy to recover health and cure diseases without medicines. Acupressure technique was prevalent in India, japan and china almost 5000 years ago. acupressure is a natural form of treatment and helps to strengthen the body’s natural resistance.
  •  Acupressure Pad is a new concept designed on the basis of acupressure & magnet therapy. Each sole contains more than 600 computer designed acupressure points & magnets in each sole.
  • Acupressure pads are drug-less and natural way of massaging your placing in the shoes, 600 computer designed massaging points stimulated your feet and give relief while you stand or walk.

Acupressure and Magnet Therapy helps in :
  1.      Relieving muscular and body pain
  2.         Improving resistance power of the body
  3.         Enhancing growth of cells, tissues and increases the number of red blood              corpuscles.
  4.   Reducing body tiredness, stiffness and swelling.
  5.     Normalizing blood pressure.
  6.     Reducing cholesterol level , clotting in the blood and stimulates blood flow.
  7.        Regulating respiratory , nervous , digestive system and blood circulation.
  8.        Keeping the body energetic, healthy and improves metabolism.
  9.         Relieving foot corn, pain in knee joints (arthritis), foot ache, foot swelling,            foot cracks, migraine, sinus problem, etc.
  Back Pain ?? Nack pain ?? Dont worry we have massagr therapy accupressure points foot pressure points

Back pain and neck pain points


Instruction  :
  1. Cut Acupressure Pad from toe end to suit your shoe size
  2. Place Acupressure Pad in the shoes and walk for 15 minutes daily in the morning & evening. No need to wear socks with it.
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Paytm will start earn money service,work from home

Paytm will start earn money service,work from home

Paytm will start earn money service,work from home

Country is increasing towards cashless economy after the notional ban. Now people have started using online transactions such as Paytm. If you are also using PAyTM or other online transactions, you should know about the benefits and loss of ATMs.

The government has been encouraging digital transacting on service tax on card transactions with more than Rs 2,000. After that some other advertisements have been made. This is the right time that you can save by taking advantage of it. The habit of digital payment will help you to budget balances. If you spend control, it will also increase your investment capacity. If you spend some extra miscellaneous expenses, then this habit will be loose. PayTm login

If you are a Paytm user please let us know that the e-wallet company is going to launch a new service soon. This service is being launched for the first time by PAyTm. About this, the company has given information in a blog post. If you want to use this company's service then you can make a living at home. Patti said in a blog post on the first day of the new financial year that Patti has received great approval in the financial year 2019-20. Under this, you can invest in the stock market by PAYTM. Need PayTm KYC.

It has been told by the company that the broker meeting for BSE and NSE has been found. Now the company will soon start an investment and trading product with the exchange. Trading will be started in equities and cash segment on PAyTM Money platform. However, no timeline has been fixed yet. In the coming months, millions of Indian investors can invest better with PAyTM money. Use PayTm Promocode.

Special Note - At present you get a 7 to 9% return on fixed deposits in banks. Apart from this, the investment company gets associate degree annual come of up to fifteen. Investments made in mutual funds can also be risky and their returns depend on the movements of the stock market.

Secure your gmail account from hacking | Just 2 step Google Verification

Secure your gmail account from hacking | Just 2 step Google Verification

secure your gmail account from hacking
secure your gmail account from hacking

hello Guyz ! Good Afternoon all Of You . i am Abhi Patel from PAP TECHNOLOGIES. friends in  this days all user send me a comment my gmail account hacked today ,some says my fCEBOOK ID hACKED todays. so your secure social media life i give you a simple suggestion for you i already used it so u can used without tension.and say how to gmail account Recovery.

Never share your Password and otp for secure oprating. and friends  never google sign up any othe computer AND  another mobile.just follow for 2 steps to verification your gmail id and mobile number so u can track anywhere and everywhere your gmail account sign in history. below video so and follow that and get viriied your gmail with mobile number.

who haves a ADsense  sign in with the gmail so please veriy first with that email id so your income not gATE worst. first login Your Gmail and open Google 2 Step Verification.

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In the age of 22, a Mumbai youth gets the package of Rs. 1.2 crore.

The main thing is that he has not cracked any competitive exams. The average earnings offered to a graduate from a non-IIT engineering faculty within the town is around Rs. 4 lakh pa.
Abdullah Khan, a student of Shree LR Tiwari engineering college, Mira road, was called for an interview by Google on the basis of a profile on a site that hosts competitive programming challenges.


He had given many online interviews and then asked for appearing for the final screening at Google’s office in London early this month. His 6 figure package includes the base salary of Rs. 54.5 lakh per annum, 15 per cent bonus and a stock option worth rs.58.9 lakh over 4 years. Khan is doing his final year BE (computer science), will join Google’s site team in September.

Khan told that he was not expecting such a huge offer when he participated in the competitions on that site. Also, Khan told that “I used to participate as it was fun. I did not know that firms check programmer’s profiles on such sites. I showed the email to my friends who knew someone who had received such an email in the past. I am looking forward to joining there team. It will be an incredible learning expertise on behalf of me.”